Rockstar Games sue BBC over GTA movie


First things first: lol.

Second things, the very fact that Game Changer, the movie staring Daniel Radcliffe as Sam Houser and Bill Paxton as Jack Thompson is even happening at all, blows my mind. I simply can’t handle the fact that ridiculous videogame courtroom drama from a decade ago is worthy of movie adaptation. And somehow, on top of that, this movie has picked up courtoom drama of its own! They’ll make a movie about the making of this movie one day, and then the snake will truly eat its own tail.

Rockstar Games, they of sitting atop their mountain of money while yelling obscenities at every other cultural institution as if they know anything, aren’t happy about the film. They’ve filed a lawsuit against the BBC for copyright infringement, presumably whilst thinking of a way to fit a ‘parody’ version of the BBC into their next game by changing the acronym to mean something incredibly inventive.

I think the sarcastic tone of the last couple paragraphs conveys my opinion on Rockstar Games in this situation, and can only hope the BBC respond with a letter demanding Rockstar to grow up, because it’s just a joke.

[via BBC]