Rogen and Gordon-Levitt coming back together for Xmas


The heavily under appreciated 50/50 was probably one of Seth Rogen’s best performances and really landed Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an entirely awesome human being in every way for me. It’s exciting to hear that they’ll be getting back together for more comedy in a new, as of yet untitled, Christmas comedy. Sony is excited about it to as they’ve fast tracked the film into production this summer.

It’s not clear as of yet if the film will be quite as emotionally charged as 50/50, but that film’s director, Jonathan Levine is writing the screenplay so it’s quite possible it will have the same dramatic overtones. The movie is about three friends who reunite in New York for their traditional Christmas celebrations. Things sound a bit cliche there, as the life altering night in New York buddy guy film is more tired than almost any other cliche there is. Still, with Rogen and Gordon-Levitt playing two of the friend (the third isn’t cast yet) things could turn out pretty awesome. 

[THR, via Collider]

Matthew Razak
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