Roland Emmerich planning White House Down


America doesn’t usually take kindly to foreigners planning on causing havoc in or around the White House, but German director Roland Emmerich is planning a second visit to the President’s gaff with White House Down, having already blown the place up once in 1996’s Independence Day, which starred one-time Flixist owner and all-round hero of the, ahh, people, Jeff Goldblum.

Rather than having an alien mothership destroy the place from the sky, White House Down will this time see the iconic building invaded by paramilitaries. So far, that’s all we’ve got, except a description of the movie as a cross between Die Hard and Air Force One (obviously). Emmerich hasn’t exactly had a glittering career, with his recent Anonymous being a particularly ill-informed mess, but this sounds a little more low key than his usual fare, so perhaps will force him to focus a little more on relatable characters rather than dodgy CGI renditions of the world being destroyed.

[via /Film]