Ron Howard won’t finish the Robert Langdon trilogy


I lost interest in the stories of Robert Langdon with the release of The Lost Symbol, and it seems that director Ron Howard did too. Howard, who directed both The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons, has told Sony that he will not be directing the trilogy’s conclusion (which is actually a prequel… or something), because he doesn’t want to do the same thing with the same cast and the same themes and the same same and same whatever again.

Some people may say that this is dumb and he should just make the movie and then wash his hands of the whole thing, but I applaud him for doing this. Too many directors are willing to just churn out sequels because they only care about pay days, and films based on best-selling novels probably do pretty well, but Howard still has some creative integrity left. I have no doubt there will be a new director attached to the project within a few months, nor do I have any doubt that Howard will announce he’s doing something a lot more interesting.

[Via Get the Big Picture]