Ron Perlman talks Conan, Hellboy 3


In an interview with Collider, Ron Perlman talks about his role in Conan the Barbarian as well as updates us on the development of Hellboy 3. Perlman is joined by Leo Howard and relate their experiences on the making of Conan. As far as Hellboy 3 goes, there are some interesting tidbits here, but I am altogether disappointed as Perlman’s basically saying the same thing that’s already been said, which is that Hellboy 3 won’t be coming out for quite some time due to Guillermo Del Toro directing Pacific Rim.

However, I like that he at least acknowledges the existence of unresolved plotlines in the two films and how Del Toro had wanted to complete those with a third movie… I know he’s got a lot of “serious” work on the horizon, but really, he should make time for that. Well-thought-out trilogies don’t occur very often, less so with films as quirky as Hellboy… I guess I just can’t imagine that we’ll never get a third film. I feel like it’s some sort of crime to cinema and that Del Toro should really get on that before Perlman gets too old to play the part… though, to be honest, the guy seems tip-top to me. I’d give it 10 years before his age starts to become a problem, but honestly, who wants to wait that long?

[Via Collider]