Rose Byrne joins Gosling in The Place Beyond the Pines


The second film directed by Derek Cianfrance is The Place Beyond the Pines, a film we’ve kind of neglected in our news coverage. I guess there just aren’t that many Blue Valentine fans on staff. It has been on our minds after the success of that film, though, and on a personal note… I’ll get around to it, I swear. Gosling started work on the follow-up already, supported by indie sensation Greta Gerwig, The Hangover‘s Bradley Cooper, Eva Mendes, and Ray Liotta.

Gerwig would have played the wife of Cooper’s character in a story of Luke (Gosling), the stunt driver who robs banks (trailer for Drive is here). Luke will engage in some sort of feud with an ex-cop-turned-politician and probably sleep with his wife. Just an educated guess.

It seems Greta Gerwig is too busy pushing movies she’s already finished to make it on set though, namely Bop Decameron by Woody Allen, who’s suddenly a huge deal again, and Damsels in Distress, chosen as the closing film for the Venice Film Festival (I can only assume they were low on options).

Instead, Gerwig will be replaced by Sunshine actress Rose Byrne, which to me feels like an upgrade. Byrne is most celebrated for the television show Damages, and on a personal note… I’ll get around to it, I swear.

[Via The Playlist]