Roundhouse kicking zombies looks very cool in REDCON-1 trailer

Dread Presents REDCON1 - Trailer (Coming May 7th, 2019!)

Whenever I think the zombie genre has for sure run out of steam, something new always seems to come along to make me think there might just be a little life left in the undead.

This trailer for REDCON-1, coming from Dread Central Presents and Epic Pictures, looks to be another exception to the rule. How so? Well, by adding jump kicks, wall running, nunchucks, samurai swords, cowboy hats, tanks, and warfare of course!

I’ve never seen a zombie do a backflip before, and I’m happy I’ve lived long enough to finally experience that. This movie looks like, if nothing else, a damn fun time.

The plot sees a zombie apocalypse spread from a London prison. The government is able to contain it, but not forever. This triggers a race to find a cure, and Special Forces are sent into the quarantined zone to find the scientist responsible for the virus and bring the contagion to an end. Also, any zombies who had combat prowess before death are now even stronger. That’s some video game shit, and I love it.

REDCON-1 will hit the United States sometime in May 2019.

Kyle Yadlosky
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