Rubber director and Marilyn Manson working on new flick


Recently I had the pleasure to do a round table with Quentin Dupieux, Director of Rubber, Wrong, and most recently, Wrong Cops, starring Marilyn Manson. It seems their relationship in the entertainment world is only growing because Quentin made it clear that they have already filmed another unnamed project so far, and parsed Manson’s acting talents. 

…we have already shot another piece together already. To me yes, he is totally into my world. Exactly like Steve Little, exactly like Eric Wareheim, all of these people. When I love someone, I can make like 10 movies with Manson. I love the guy, and I love to see him on the screen.

This is an interesting prospect, and could be the start of Manson’s foot hold as an actor, out side of small TV roles like his recent work in Eastbound and Down. You can see Manson test his acting chops in Wrong Cops December 20th in Los Angeles and New York select screenings.