Rumor: Avatar 2, 3, and 4 may shoot back to back


This one’s another “heavy on the grains of salt” sort of rumor, so take heed. Based on an interview with Signourney Weaver from Showbiz 411, an interview with very few direct quotes, James Cameron will shoot the next three Avatar movies back to back. If this is true, given that it’s been suggested Avatar 2 will likely not meet its 2014 release date, it’s possible we won’t be seeing these Avatar sequels until 2015 and beyond.

I can’t say I trust this story too much, given that there’s only a single, incredibly generic quote from Weaver about her connection to the project: “I just show up.” Still, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, though much older reports that suggested each film was going to showcase some new, different section of Pandora. Given that a lot of the holdup on the first sequel is due to Cameron developing new undersea motion capture techniques for the undersea sections of the film, shooting three movies at once, with the scale that Avatar had, should be a very hard concept to swallow.

[Showbiz411, via Empire]