Rumor: Avengers 3 may feature lesser known heroes


There have been murmurings that the third Avengers film was going to be split up into two movies (making it the third and fourth, I suppose), but they were just that. Well, a new rumor is lending that a bit of credence. Marvel may actually bench its biggest heroes (Thor, Iron Man, Cap, Hulk, etc.) for the third film so that they can return for the fourth. Instead the third film would focus on some lesser well known heroes who would still be Avengers. 

It’s possible that Iron Man will still anchor this less star studded event since Downey Jr.’s contract says he has to be in the film, but otherwise we may be seeing smaller players as Badass Digest suggests that the rest will get a break. That’s great for the actors and to pump up interest in Marvel’s other properties. It’s even greater to think of the epic fourth Avengers film that may bring everyone together to conclude the Thanos story arc. 

I’d say this is the ballsiest move ever, but Marvel has already proven with Guardians that people aren’t showing up for the heroes, but for the Marvel brand they trust to deliver.

[via Badass Digest]


Matthew Razak
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