Rumor Control: Alien prequel NOT named Paradise


The details on the Alien prequel that we reported on yesterday have been proven to be false. As in, all of them except for the fact that it’s an Alien prequel. Chris Petrikin, the Senior VP for Corporate Communications at Fox made a series of Tweets explaining that the film is not just named Paradise, which makes sense considering it’d be mad to make an Alien movie with “Alien” nowhere in the title. What’s more likely is that it’s just the title the film is being shot under to avoid suspicion in the same way that The Dark Knight was shot under the name Rory’s First Kiss to keep people from mobbing the set. He also completely debunked every casting rumor involved in the article we posted yesterday.

Sadly, this kind of thing can happen in today’s fast-posting Internet journalism world, so we’re sorry we posted the incorrect info. I’m going to go ahead and blame Tommy Wiseau. Also Sean Walsh.

[Via Indie Wire]