Rumor: David S. Goyer pitching a JGL Sandman film


Where there’s a whole bunch of names you should be excited to see together. David S. Goyer, who wrote the new Batman trilogy and Man of Steel, is pitching a new adaptation of Neil Gayman’s graphic novel series Sandman starring Joseph Gordon Levitt. Warner Bros. is evidently very receptive to his pitch, which is good news for the property, which has up until now languished in development hell.

Goyer obviously has plenty of credibility with the studio after raking them in money on his other comic book flicks, and having Levitt attached to play the lead of Morpheus, the personification of dreams, could only make that more exciting. However, this is very early days and we’ve been hearing crap about a Sandman movie for years that have never come to fruition. Now is the time, though. With comic book films so huge and someone like Goyer pushing it this could actually happen.

What do you think? Sure it’s awesome that it would happen, but for those who weren’t a fan of Goyer’s Superman this could be very worrisome. 

[via Badass Digest]

Matthew Razak
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