Rumor: Friday the 13th to return…as found footage?


My life has been lived in semi-constant agony in the years since the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies came out, due in no small part to the fact that there’s been nary a word about sequels. In fact, if I remember correctly, I heard that sequels were unlikely.

However, news broke yesterday that Friday the 13th and its silent antagonist may well return…in the form of a found footage movie. Shock ‘Til You Drop writer Ryan Turek tweeted the following on Tuesday: “Hearing the producers of the new Friday the 13th are still fielding pitches for a “found footage” take. #exclusivetweet ? #FridayThe13th.” (Editor’s Note: author of the original article on /film Germaine Lussier personally vouches for Turek)

It’s all very early, of course, and the found footage stuff may not materialize by the time all is said and done, but could a found footage version of Friday the 13th work? Gone (presumably) would be the series staple first-person stalking shots, and there would have to be a lot of night vision. However, while talking it out with a friend, I came up with with a (self)satisfying idea for how the found footage angle could work: Contestants on a show akin to MTV’s Fear (#throwbackthursday) go to Camp Crystal Lake to do the whole investigation thing, ignoring the town crazy’s warnings and also partaking in some heavy drinking, drugging, and petting, leading to them getting up close and person with Jason’s machete.

I can dig it. What say you, folks?

[via /film]