Rumor: Ghostbusters 3 [will not be] directed by Lord & Miller


[Update: 4/10/14] Jeff Sneider, reporter for The Wrap, has some new information on the ‘Lord & Miller directing Ghostbusters 3‘ story. 

Hearing LORD & MILLER ended up walking away from GHOSTBUSTERS 3 job. They were the studio’s choice but wanted to keep their options open…

Sigh. Well, I have no idea how Ghostbusters 3 could possibly be any good without the Lego Movie guys at the helm.

[Original Story:] Phil Lord and Chris Miller are unreasonably talented people. They’ve managed to pull three wins from un-adaptable source material, and there’s a chance the duo might be going for round four.

Former Deadline Editor-in-Chief Nikki Finke recently tweeted this juicy bit of news.

Now, this could be nonsense, but there’s a good chance that the film world now sees Lord and Miller as fixers: the guys to call when you’ve got an idea that will sell tickets, but don’t quite know how to successfully execute.

Man, I hope this is true.

[via: Collider]