Rumor: Indian Jones could go the way of Bond


Here’s an interesting prospect: Indiana Jones going on forever because Harrison Ford isn’t the only man who plays him. Latino Review has gotten word that this might be the next step for the franchise as the window for Ford to return is getting smaller and smaller. Producers are looking to cast someone else in the role, and at the moment the name on everyone’s tongue seems to be Bradley Cooper. This is, of course, all just conjecture, but it could be awesome.

While the main drive for the studio behind this decision is to extend the franchise and make money, it could also lead to some really fantastic adventure films. The inspiration for Indy was Lucas’ love of adventure serials so if you think of it as from that perspective than Indy is more of a representation of those than a character that has to be played by Harrison Ford. More well executed (read: not Crystal Skull) Indy films would be awesome not matter what actor tackles the role.

[via Latino Review]

Matthew Razak
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