Rumor: Is there a surprise villain in Man of Steel?


The IMDB page for Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel has seen an intriguing update, pointing towards a villain never before seen in a Superman movie. Comic fans and fans of the animated series may recognize him, but in the hopes of not spoiling it for you guys wanting to go in cold, I’m going to put this news and my rampant speculation after the jump. Be warned, as there may be massive Man of Steel spoilers both after the jump and on the two IMDB links you see here. Click through if you can’t take the suspense.

[Via IMDB]

Michael Clarke Duncan has been credited on the Man of Steel page as the infamous DC villain Darkseid. Darkseid represents one of the few forces in the universe that’s actually more than a physical match for Superman, as their battles have, in animated form, shattered buildings just from the sheer force of one punching another. IMDB pages are notorious for accidentally revealing this sort of spoiler-y info, though it should be considered a rumor until a proper confirmation shows up.

I think that, if this is true, we’re looking at one of two options. The first is that Darkseid will show up to be the secret mastermind behind whatever plot Zod is throwing down, revealed and mentioned only in passing. The other more in vogue option is that Darkseid will appear in a post-credits stinger setting up the next movie. Hell, he could even be presented as a threat that’s so big that only a group of heroes could stop him. Man of Steel carrying an Iron Man-esque coda setting the stage for DC’s own superteam, the Justice League of America, would be a huge announcement for DC, who haven’t had nearly the success as Marvel in terms of movies. Again, this is all assuming this rumor turns out to be true.