Rumor: Joe Cornish could direct Star Trek 3


If this rumor turns out to be true in some fashion, allow me to title the next Star Trek film, Star Trek Into Greatness (or maybe Star Trek Into Something Less Full of Bologna?). According to the good folks at Deadline, since JJ Abrams has left Star Trek 3‘s director seat for Star Wars: Episode VII (although that last bit is news to me!), Paramount has gone around in search of a new director for the third film of the franchise. 

And that search has possibly led them to Joe Cornish (Attack the Block). I’d be happy with this since Attack the Block is one of the best blends of science fiction, horror, and comedy in recent memory. Although there’s no confirmation yet, as Paramount wants shooting to start next Summer, we’re getting closer to an actual decision soon. What do you think? Think Cornish is a suitable choice? Hard to do worse than Star Trek Into Darkness, right? 

[via Deadline]