Rumor: Johnny Depp might star as Dr. Seuss in biopic


Everybody knows who Dr. Seuss is, but do they know who Theodor Geisel is? Johnny Depp is taking it upon himself to shed some light on the man beneath the hat as his production company is developing a biopic on the popular artist with Illumination Entertainment, the studio behind The Lorax. The film will be live-action, but the studio’s open to incorporating animated segments. Of course, given Dr. Seuss’ distinctive style, it’d be a surprise if it was 100% live.

While nothing has been confirmed, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine Depp playing the titular role. Honestly, as long as he plays the role straight with no exaggerated character, I’d be okay with it. As somebody who strongly dislikes the long in the tooth collaborations with Tim Burton, I do thoroughly enjoy Depp’s acting when he isn’t caked in makeup or spouting off catch phrases every other minute.

Savvy? Avast! Rum.

[via Collider]