Rumor: Justice League film’s story influences revealed


Now that Darkseid/Thanos/Thanoseid has been revealed as the villain of the upcoming Justice League film for some dumb reason (money), speculation has begun on what the story for the new film will be. According to Latino Review and their “sources” (with a side of salt), the story of the film will be influenced by Justice League of America issues 183-185. Of course, these are “sources” so take with this info with all the salt you can find. 

This short arc deals with Darkseid as he tries to move his home of Apokolips and replace the Earth with it by shooting at the planet with a space ray or something because comics. Sadly whether or not this happened in the comics, the plot sounds exactly like Loki’s plan from Avengers. Now not only will Darkseid’s character look like a copycat, his plan will look the same as well. Damn it DC, get your act together. 

[via Latino Review]