Rumor: Justin Lin returning for Fast & Furious finale?


I’ve reached a crossroads. Writing so much about the Fast and the Furious franchise makes me feel like such a hypocrite. Take the first trailer for Furious 7, for instance. Here I am celebrating a series’ seventh installment when, in all other cases, I’ve stated I don’t care too much for say, X-Men: Days of Future Past because it’s seven movies strong. Fast & Furious makes me contradict myself as I’m waiting for sequels with such a fervor, yet scoff at another set of sequels in the same breath. 

It’s a weird feeling, and I attribute it all to Justin Lin’s direction. Taking over from Tokyo Drift, the man has directed Furious into a behemoth of a series (the four films from Tokyo Drift to Fast & Furious 6) and he just might come back to end it. Although James Wan has taken over for Furious 7, according to Deadline, Lin and Universal have begun discussing possibly directing (as Deadline dubs) the final two installments back to back. It makes sense as Wan’s about to be wrapped up in The Conjuring 2 and Justin Lin’s Bourne Legacy spin-offs have been pushed back in favor of Matt Damon’s return. 

What do you all think? I’m not ready for the series to end just yet, but nine films is a fine number. I personally would’ve loved FasTEN Your Seatbelts, but I’m also so worried about the future of the series given the sad loss of one of its major hitters, Furious 7 could be the last one and I’d be fine with that too. Buuuut, having the guy who made it a big deal end the whole thing would be super cool. 

[via Deadline