Rumor: Leaked ‘Joker’ plot details reveal the mad clown’s true name


San Diego Comic Con is well underway. Movies and shows are making their debut, and trailers are surfacing on YouTube. Warner Bros. has yet to announce anything yet (their panel is scheduled for Saturday morning) but there are already rumors circulating online about the upcoming Joker standalone movie – namely key plot details and information regarding the clown prince of crime’s real name. 

Take everything below with a grain of salt, please. 

According to ThatHashtagShow, this Joker’s real name is Arthur Fleck (played by Joaquin Phoenix.) We’ll start Fleck’s story as he moves back to live with his ailing mother, Penny, in her apartment. Fleck will then become involved in the life of one Sophie Dumond (played by Zazie Beetz of Deadpool 2 and Atlanta fame,) and begin spiraling into maniacal madness, eventually becoming the Joker we all know and dread. 

I have my reservations about this. The Joker seldom receives much in the way of explicit character details; because really, it doesn’t matter. The Joker is a traditionally ambiguous character, and many talented writers and directors have taken advantage of that nature to great effect in outings like The Dark Knight, Suicide Squad and The Killing Joke. I’ll be open to whatever Warner Bros. throws at me, but damn if I won’t be skeptical.

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