Rumor: Lobo might be in the Justice League movie


Listen up, bastiches. The wild speculation about the forthcoming Justice League movie continues today with some rumors about Lobo: The Main Man may appear in the film. That’s right, the bounty killiin’, high flyin’, jet bike ridin’, space dolphin lovin’, fraggin’ and baggin’ son of a gun. Wooo! There is no indication if Lobo would be fighting against or alongside the League.

The inclusion of Lobo might not be out of left field if Warner Bros. is trying to have a shared superhero universe a la The Avengers. A couple weeks ago, Dwayne Johnson tweeted about possibly playing Lobo, so a project with the character is at least in development. I think ideal casting would have been Lemmy from Motorhead about 10 years ago, but I’m okay with The Rock as Lobo.

Previously we mentioned that the rebooted Batman may debut in Justice League. Warner Bros. is still batting around some ideas for director, of course, with no set name yet. Everything’s up in the air with the film, so expect more rumors in the months to come. In related news, still no love for Adam Strange.

[Comic Book Move via Cinema Blend]

Hubert Vigilla
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