Rumor: Mark Wahlberg to play the Six Million Dollar Man


Ever wondered what happened to that Six Million Dollar Man reboot that kept trying to get off the ground? Only vaguely, right? I mean of all the reboots possible who is this exciting? We’ve got enough super powered people that the only way I’m getting excited is if they actually make it cheesy and 70s instead of updating it. Universal probably won’t do that, but they are reportedly eyeing Mark Wahlberg for the lead role of the expensive jump-suited man. 

This is just a rumor at the moment, but considering Wahlberg basically turned himself into a million dollar actor from his early rap days I can’t think of better casting. Evidently director Peter Berg and producer Harvey Weinstein are attached too so things could turn out OK. Just get ready for a lot of slow-mo running.

[via The Tracking Board]

Matthew Razak
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