Rumor: Penelope Cruz to be a Bond girl


Bond women aren’t usually of age with Bond. This was most awkwardly notably showcased in A View to a Kill when a 50+ Roger Moore was awkwardly shoved into a romance with a woman in her 20s. However, with the upcoming Bond 24, that Sam Mendes is returning for, a rumor has crept up that Penelope Cruz will be cast as a Bond girl at the age of 39, thus making her 40 when shooting starts. 

This makes her the oldest Bond girl ever, but actually puts her in the realm of Daniel Craig’s actual age, which is 45. In a rare occurrence Bond may seduce someone who isn’t actually far too young for him. If Yahoo!’s source can be trusted the producers have been wanting to cast Cruz for awhile, but she was never available. Judging by that fact and the fact that she’s a big name star (something a lot of Bond girls are not) we can assume that she’ll play an integral role in the next film and possibly Bond 25 as that is rumored to be a direct sequel to Bond 24

Cruz definitely has what it takes to be a Bond girl thanks to a unique beauty and the body of a goddess. I’ll be happy to see her on the screen if this turns out to be true. 

[via Yahoo!]

Matthew Razak
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