Rumor: Prometheus 2 coming in 2016?


According to sources at Bleeding Cool and The Wrap, the next film in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus saga is set to release on March 4th, 2016, just under two years from now.

Last Thursday, 20th Century Fox set multiple dates for some of their upcoming films, including a second Fantastic Four movie for 2017, a Marvel flick set to drop in 2018, and an “unnamed Ridley Scott” picture for the above March 2016 date.

Today, multiple sites posted rumors within hours of each other regarding the March date and Prometheus 2. Apparently, Green Lantern writer Michael Green will expand on the first draft written by Jack Paglen, and the movie will feature Michael Fassbender playing multiple David androids.

I don’t know that I want another Prometheus movie, to be honest. The first one was a decent piece of sci-fi horror, and I feel like the novelty of The First Ridley Scott Horror Movie Since Alien (not counting Hannibal, of course) has already worn off. But then again, maybe Scott will be able to improve on what Prometheus did poorly without losing that film’s undeniably gorgeous visuals.