Rumor: R.I.P.D. not looking good, says film crew member


UPDATE: The film is not finished with post-production. While my source has completed their five months working on the film, editing may still continue.

Actor Ryan Reynolds recently said R.I.P.D. finished filming, but according to my source the film is already edited and being treated for special effects. My source described the film as “a $200 million train wreck that is a Men in Black wannabe.” Ouch! The film was edited for five months, which is never a good sign. They must really have been digging for decent footage or crafting a masterpiece; we’ll find out which soon enough.

I won’t reveal who my source is, but they were heavily involved in the film. It doesn’t bode well that this person has so little faith in it, when they saw most of the footage. Of course, the source thinking so lowly of the film doesn’t mean it will be bad to us but it definitely makes me question the possibility.