Rumor: Rebooted Batman debuts in Justice League movie


There’s an interesting rumor concerning the Batman reboot now that Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises is a few weeks behind us. The rebooted Batman may make his debut in the forthcoming Justice League movie rather than his own film. The rebooted Batman franchise would spin out of the team movie, an inversion of the strategy in The Avengers.

As /Film points out, this could be a nice way around an origin story. We know the beginnings of most iconic superheroes by now, and to do a Batman origin seems like it could be a waste of a movie. The audience can learn about a new iteration of the Dark Knight as his current story unfolds.

The guys over at Batman on Film are against this move if it happens, however. They feel that an individual filmmaker should get creative control over Batman, and starting him in a team movie could diminish that.

Keep in mind that this is a rumor and nothing is confirmed. The Justice League movie is still in search of a director — Ben Affleck passed on the project but the Wachowskis remain on a WB shortlist. On the note of all things rebooty, a while ago our own Thor Latham shared his thoughts on the inevitable Batman reboot, which is worth reading.

[Batman on Film via /Film]

Hubert Vigilla
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