Rumor: Robert Pattinson front runner for Indiana Jones


Star Wars wasn’t Disney’s only moneymaker it scooped up when it acquired LucasFilm. Indiana Jones has some legs left in him and we know we’ll be seeing more of him at some point. Right now that point isn’t clear, but rumors are pointing to Robert Pattinson taking over as Indy goes the route of James Bond.

Nothing is confirmed, and even Harrison Ford is still on the table, but evidently Disney likes him since he’s proven his chops outside of Twilight with a few indy roles and because he brings the ladies. I’m not quite as confident in him being able to take on the role, but I’d give him a chance. He could do a rougher look pretty easily though they’ll have to age him up a bit. Before you start vomiting into your fedora remember that Pattinson is not actually a pale vampire from a terrible movie series, but an actor who can indeed play different roles.

Full quote from a “Hollywood insider” (read: don’t trust this person) below.

[via The Daily Star]

Disney is looking at its long-term options for the Indiana Jones franchise.

“They feel that the series has huge potential on many levels, starting with the films leading to other spin-offs like games which can generate more money than movies.

“Rob is top of the initial list because he has showed his acting stripes away from Twilight.

“But the competition will be stiff.


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