Rumor: Salma Hayek as romantic lead in Kevin James MMA film


Pajiba sure does love starting rumors. This time it’s that Salma Hayek will be the romantic love interest of Kevin James in — whaaaaaaaat? How did this sentence of words ever come to be? I didn’t even realize Kevin James was working on yet another terrible movie, let alone one where Sony Pictures can pay Hayek enough money to kiss him. First Leah Remini, now this. How does he pull it off? Surely he wasn’t able to woo Salma on the set of Grown Ups.

Even more surprising is that the plot revolves around him playing a teacher in a school that’s making cutbacks in the music department, so he decides to start MMA fighting to raise money for the school. He’s a physics teacher, and Salma is presumably the music teacher in the script, so I guess he uses physics to teach his students how a fat man can out fight pros? It’s also rumored that Bas Rutten will make a cameo in it since him and James became friends while shooting Zookeeper.

I love that when I mentioned this news in the office Alex said “If it’s 90 minutes of some MMA dude beating the living hell out of Kevin James while Salma Hayek watches and curses at James in Spanish, I’ll spend my life savings on tickets” and then when I asked if the header image was SFW, Matt said that it should be okay since Kevin James had all his clothes on.

[Via Pajiba, which may or may not also be the name of Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez-Pinaul‘s mother.]