Rumor: Sony is coming up with a bunch of random Spider-Man movie ideas


We like to steer clear of most rumors here on Flixist because if we told you all about each one, we’d be writing about outlandish stuff every day. But Sony’s discussing so many crazy Spider-Man movies, we gotta talk about ’em. It’s like after the commercial “failure” of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (it still made a lot of money, but didn’t have the lasting power Sony wanted) Sony’s in a panic and throwing random darts on an idea board and seeing which ones stick. 

First I’ll dish on the cooler idea. You know how Sony’s working on a female Spider-Man spin-off movie for 2017? It seems one of the related ideas was for a film titled Glass Ceiling (that’s a neat title. actually) which would feature Spider-Man universe heroines like Spider-Girl and Black Cat. While it sounds awesome, it’s just one of those weird ideas that would give us another heap of ASM characters we don’t care about. You know what’s an even odder idea? A movie based off Aunt May. That rumor might be a little more funky as a movie based off her youth before she got stuck raising a kid would be a terrible, terrible idea. 

Could you imagine walking to your theater and seeing AUNT MAY in the marquee? What the hell is going on, Sony? 

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