Rumor: Spidey might be swamped by scales


I knew this would eventually happen. I am now spoiling a movie I didn’t want to spoil so I can bring you the news. I hope you all realize what I sacrifice for you loyal readers every day.

This first of many sacrifices comes in the form of a rumor on the new Spider-Man film, The Amazing Spider-Man. If you’re not interested in hearing some spoiler-tastic rumor mongering from BigFanboy I suggest you stop reading this instant.

Still here? Then here’s the rumor: At some point near the conclusion of the film Spidey will be fighting an army of lizard men. Extras from the set are reporting that they’ve had to spend a lot of time covered in scale make-up as they portray a S.W.A.T. team turned into mutant lizard creatures. Clearly if this is true Spider-man will probably be fighting a lot of them.

I can’t say this news excites me too much. We knew The Lizard was likely to be in the film and it is believed that some variation of Proto-Goblin would enter to, but I’m a little concerned with the idea of a giant lizard army. Sounds ridiculously cheesy to me, but it could definitely be pulled off if it works. Anyway, the filmmakers have built up enough faith by giving Spidey his web cartridges back that I’m not going to doubt too much.

[BigFanboy, via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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