Rumor: Star Wars: Episode VII titled The Ancient Fear


Have to slap this one with a rumor, but Ain’t It Cool is usually pretty solid when it comes to leaks so we’re leaning towards the truth. They’ve been informed twice now that the current working title for Star Wars: Episode VII is The Ancient Fear. They claim they’ve been sitting on the info for a few months trying to get confirmation, and just yesterday a completely independent source confirmed it.

The source also said that the title “refers to Max Von Sydow’s villain who makes Pazuzu look like a pussy!”

The title isn’t really that great if you ask me. It’s missing that sort of simple operatic feeling that many of the others have. It’s also just a working title so things could definitely change before we see more. As for what this ancient fear is we’re going to guess it has to do with the dark side and evil. 

[via Ain’t It Cool]

Matthew Razak
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