Rumor: Tom Hooper may direct Freddie Mercury biopic


So we already know that Sacha Baron Cohen was signed on to play as Freddie Mercury in a biopic being written by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon). So far no one has been confirmed for who will be the director of the project. Apparently Deadline has reason to believe that the director of Les Misérables, Tom Hooper, may be potentially attached to the project soon. 

While it most certainly isn’t confirmed at all and is just rumor right now, this could be pretty interesting. If Tom Hooper were to sign on for the project, it will be interesting to see him bring along ideas from Les Misérables. More specifically I am referring to his approach about singing live on set.

While Cohen can sing, his talent will be definitely put to the test if he is told that he will be singing live, especially if it’s Queen. It seems that he is expected to at least sing somewhat since producer Graham King has said that Cohen may be singing in the film. But to do it live instead of in studio is very different. We’ll have to see if that happens if this Tom Hooper rumor turns out to be true.

[via Collider]