Rumor: Tom Six wants Udo Kier in Human Centipede 3


Best Movies Ever says they’ve received a number of emails about director Tom Six trying to get Udo Kier for Human Centipede 3. If Kier accepts, the star of Blood for Dracula and Flesh for Frankenstein will be making s**t for Six later this year.

Kier would replace Dieter Laser, the villain of the first Human Centipede. The other week we reported on a falling out between Six and Laser. Citing creative differences and a poor script, Laser said he “couldn’t identify with the character” (I would hope not). The actor left the film when Six refused to incorporate his suggested changes.

You’ve probably seen Kier in some movies or shows by now. In addition to the two Andy Warhol-produced films I mentioned above, Kier’s extensive credits include roles in Blade, Suspiria, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Grindhouse, Armageddon, Melancholia (and other Lars von Trier projects, including an insane appearance in The Kingdom), Iron Sky, and My Own Private Idaho.

[Via Best Movies Ever]

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