Rumor: Tron 3 to star production in the Fall


When TRON: Legacy was released it was announced that it was the launch of a new franchise, and usually when a film is highly successful and is part of a franchise the rest of the movies come out pretty quick (disregarding Avatar). Not so for TRON. We really haven’t heard word one about the sequel for a long time, but now we know that production will begin this Fall.

Insiders are saying that production will begin on October 5, 2015, which is around the time that we though the sequel will actually be releasing. Other than lead Garrett Hedlund no one else is confirmed to return, though unless they’re completely relaunching the end of the last film kind of demands Olivia Wilde be back.

TRON: Legacy was a visually stunning bit of fun and the Daft Punk soundtrack was crazy good. If Disney puts the same level of time and commitment into this sequel they should have another hit on their hands. 

[via Vancity Buzz]

Matthew Razak
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