Rumor: Twins threequel adding Jeff Goldblum to the mix


It seems that the good news just keeps coming. A mere three days after a Twins sequel, cleverly entitled Triplets, was officially announced, featuring modern comedic superstar Eddie Murphy (from such hits as Meet Dave, Norbit, and the recent One Thousand Words) as the newest addition to the family, the rumor mill has put forth the possibility of a followup starring Jeff “Tater Tits” Goldblum.

An inside source leaked the above promotional image to Flixist, which has been causing concerns that the Twins franchise would be undergoing the same sequel/remake/reboot nonsense that’s happening to the Chucky series.

There hasn’t been much in the way of plot information, but we can assume from the above image that Jeff “James Dean” Goldblum will be playing a rogue twin (quadruplet?), rebelling against the social norms of his comically oversized family and lashing out.

As silly as all of this is, I’m actually kind of excited. Sometimes when a franchise goes off the rails, the result is absolute gold. Sure, Twins has only been a franchise for three days, but it’s already teetering dangerously close to the edge.