Rumor: Ubisoft may be planning a Watch Dogs movie


Those of you that followed the video game news out of E3 this year have already heard of Watch Dogs, an original IP in a sea of sequels to brown and grey first person shooters, where your character has the ability to hack into almost any electronic device. While very little is actually known about the game, as we’ve only seen a ten minute gameplay video that may or may not be indicative of technology coming from the next generation of consoles, it’s setting the video gamer world aflame with its interesting potential and, as previously stated, the fact that it’s an original IP amidst an E3 populated by homogeneous FPSes.

That excitement may possibly cross over to the film world as well. Last week, Ubisoft registered several domain names hinting at the possibility of a Watch Dogs movie, including,,, and Obviously, there’s no evidence that this is indicative of anything other than Ubisoft recognizing that they have a potentially lucrative property on their hands, and they wanted to get domain names registered now to reserve the names, rather than in five years when they’re actually seriously considering making a movie of Watch Dogs and some jerk has registered the best domains just to cause a little trouble. Nevertheless, Watch Dogs has generated a great deal of buzz, and the story presented in the demo is certainly one that could translate to film with little to no difficulty. Consider this the breath of a rumor, then.

[Fusible, via Coming Soon]