Rumors may indicate Donnie Darko’s director is working on a Rod Serling biopic


It’s been all quiet on the Kelly front for nearly 20 years now, though reports citing Production Weekly are speculating that the Donnie Darko director might be helming a return to filmmaking with a biopic of Twilight Zone host and writer Rod Serling.

With details as few as they are here–Production Weekly’s listing the only hint at the project–it would be wrong to assume anything about the long-gone director. Kelly’s film The Box released in 2009, and is his most recent feature, having served as a producer on I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (2009) and Operation: Endgame (2010). So, nothing you could exactly chalk up as grand cinema.

A Rod Serling biopic could be the jolt Kelly’s career could use though. Written off by many as jumping the shark and being generally messy, I quite enjoyed The Box, and the off-the-wall developments the story takes certainly feel like a feature-length episode of The Twilight Zone. Kelly’s generally-high-concept projects could be argued to feel Serling-like in their self-contained weirdness, and I think he could bring a lot to a biopic. Call it Kelly’s Ed Wood!

We’ll stay tuned if you will.

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