Runaways movie delayed…for now



I’d be sad, but I really did see this coming. Marvel has postponed the adaptation of The Runaways more or less indefinitely, inviting the attached director, Peter Sollett, to take another project in the meantime, as the studio “has too much going on.” As such, it may be a long time before any news on a Runaways movie hits my grateful eyes.

Runaways is one of those incredibly lucrative properties that I hope Marvel doesn’t squander. For those that aren’t familiar, it’s a comic from Brian K. Vaughan about a group of children that realize their parents are super-powered villains that dominate the Los Angeles crime scene. It’s one of those sharply-writing comics that appeals pretty easily for kids and adults, so I understand Marvel wanting to take its time with it, seeing as there’s around thirty million Marvel movies coming out in the near future. In fact, Getting the Big Pictureclaims that Marvel has a film agenda leading as far as 2017. Here’s hoping Runaways is part of that future.

Also, they have a raptor, and so do we!

Marvel’s ‘Runaways’ Postponed Indefinitely [Getting the Big Picture]