Russell Brand and Larry Charles on Pierre, Pierre


Black List screenplay Pierre, Pierre was rumored for Jim Carrey earlier this year, but has since reemerged as a vehicle for goth detective Russell Brand to be directed by Larry Charles. If you’ve watched any behind the scenes features for Seinfeld, you’ll know Larry Charles as the enigmatically bearded writer on such episodes as “The Subway.” He’s most recently known for collaborating with Sacha Baron Cohen as director on Borat, Brüno, and The Dictator, as well as Bill Maher’s Religulous.

Pierre, Pierre will continue Charles’ career direction toward more traditional narrative comedies, this one about a French nihilist, played by Brand, who has stolen the Mona Lisa and must transport it from Paris to London, encountering a cluster of wacky side characters en route. Brand’s casting, in my opinion, makes the film much more exciting than it would be burdened with a cartoonishly French Carrey. Brand has a unique talent for utilizing his rock star sex appeal with genuine comedic ability in a way that doesn’t wind up becoming completely off-putting.

Brand and Charles make an interesting, somewhat provocative combination. The director has seemingly displayed a career-long reluctance to work on films through which he cannot express a minimal political message at least, so I hope for Pierre, Pierre to turn out a bit better than its log line.

[Cinema Blend via Variety]