Russos say Steve Rogers is no longer Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Captain America: Civil War was a solid MCU entry–not as good as The Winter Soldier, but an entertaining beat-em-up that touched on the difficulties of foreign intervention in the Obama era. The film didn’t have a hug-it-out reconciliation between Cap and Iron Man, and its repercussions will affect the MCU for the foreseeable future.

For instance, Steve Rogers has apparently quit being Captain America.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo confirmed that Steve has given up the costume and the shield. Joe Russo said the following during an interview with HuffPo:

I think him dropping that shield is him letting go of that identity. [It’s] him admitting that certainly the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making.

It’s comics, so of course this isn’t a permanent change. Captain America will be back eventually, probably to fight Thanos during the Infinity War. If anything, Captain America’s return will give the inevitable “Avengers assemble!” moment a bigger pop.

For now, Steve Rogers will probably just be hanging out with Black Panther in Wakanda, finally watching Stranger Things and The Get Down on Netflix while catching up with season 4 of The Eric Andre Show.

On the note of Black Panther, given what Ryan Coogler did with Creed, and I can’t wait to see what he does with T’Challa.

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Hubert Vigilla
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