Ryan Gosling isn’t the Lone Ranger

[Update: Ryan Gosling’s representatives contacted EW to confirm that he is NOT doing The Lone Ranger. Sometimes, we get ’em wrong. Original story follows.]

I never was into the Lone Ranger as a kid. Wrong time for it, I guess. I never quite got the whole Lone Ranger/Tonto dynamic, other than the fact that it’s mildly racially uncomfortable. Is the joke that Tonto does all the work? I don’t even know. Anyway, for those of you out there that do get it, this is good news. Ryan Gosling, one of the more talented male actors of his generation, is in talks to star as the titular cowboy in Gore Verbinski’s upcoming remakeboot from Disney. You may have heard of this project before, as it’s the one where Johnny Depp is playing Tonto because he wants to “salute Native American Culture.”

After Rango, I’ve got a lot of faith in Gore Verbinski to do a damn fine western that doesn’t happen to star animals. With a guy like Ryan Gosling in the lead to boot, this movie is turning out to be suspiciously awesome.

[Via Collider]