Ryan Gosling no longer starring in Refn’s ‘Logan’s Run’


When Drive first came to video, I watched it six times in five consecutive days and never has my love or enjoyment of the film diminished with repeated viewings. It is a masterpiece, plain and simple. So, needless to say, I look forward to anything Nicholas Winding Refn is working on and I really look forward to anything he’s working on with dreamboat Ryan Gosling. That included two of Refn’s upcoming films, Only God Forgives — which is still in production — and the long time coming remake of Logan’s Run. Well, it looks like now Gosling is stepping away from Refn’s Logan’s Run, and I will consequently have to  shed tears.

There hasn’t been any reason given, so one can only speculate, but Gosling is a busy guy, and with his own directorial debut coming sometime in the near future and all of the panty dropping he induces, maybe he just had to shift his priorities around. What’s important is that we still have Only God Forgives on the way, and that maybe one day Refn and Gosling will reunite and blow our collective minds once more. I need more of them in my life.

[via IndieWire]