Ryan Gosling said to be working with Terry Malick


Ryan Gosling is at the top of his game this year. He seems to have put himself out there as a potential comedian and potential action star following a career marked by straight drama, and succeeded with both. When looking to his future projects, there was a predictable pattern, though. Gosling would simply continue to work with directors responsible for his recent success. The first, Derek Cianfrance, director of Blue Valentine, is set to pair Gosling with Rose Byrne for The Place Beyond the Pines. The second, Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn, had claimed him for both Only God Forgives and, curiously, Logan’s Run.

That was all well and good until a Q&A session for Drive prompted Refn to give an update on his next projects. He let slip the previously unreported detail that his male muse Ryan Gosling would be given time to act in a Terrence Malick film before work on Logan’s Run. If Logan’s Run is postponed that makes things difficult for Refn, who just recently said it’s success would determine his candidacy for the Wonder Woman director’s chair.

The real question here is which Terrence Malick film and for God’s sake when? Malick suddenly decided to make movies and finish them on time, after a pattern of releasing them an average of eight years apart, which is throwing everybody off guard. Who even knows what a Terrence Malick film would be like without years held hostage in the editing room? The three on slate don’t appear to even have room for another leading role, so there’s no reason Gosling needs a trial separation from Refn unless Christian Bale isn’t the male lead (there’s reportedly only one) in whatever he was attached to as of last week, or if the director is now juggling four films at once.

[Via The Playlist]