Ryan Gosling to star in Blade Runner sequel


I feel weird about this Blade Runner sequel. On the one hand, yay Blade Runner! It’s a great film, with a great world, and it’d be amazing to return to it. On the other hand, what possible reason is there to make a sequel to Blade Runner besides that sweet sweet cash? Anything that undercuts the ambiguity of the first film lessens its impact; for some even the final cut was too much.

My muddled opinion has, alas, been declared unimportant by the movie industry, and production pushes onward. Today’s news is that of the casting of Ryan Gosling, which I gotta admit, is kinda perfect casting for the stylish cyberpunk noir of Blade Runner. Who’s he gonna play? Who cares! He’ll stand there as it rains, a neon sign in the background, softly speaking to someone else, presumably before shooting them, because if you’re casting Ryan Gosling as a good guy, you’ve forgotten that you’re making a noir movie.

[via Variety]