Ryan Reynolds confirms Deadpool is rated R

Is 'Deadpool' Going to Be PG-13? Ryan Reynolds Weighs In

Yesterday, a day when we basically believe nothing we read about any movies, an April Fools joke went up that Deadpool would be rated PG-13 over at JoBlo.com. Funny. Way to go, JoBlo. Reynold’s himself got in on the action with the below Tweet.

Turns out it wasn’t just them, but 20th Centurty Fox themselves pulling off the gag. Obviously if the film was rated PG-13 it would have been terrible, but as you can see from the above video that is not the case. Deadpool will be rated R as it should be. Also, if Reynold’s pitch perfect delivery of “F**k you, Slater” is any indication he’s on top of delivering awesome. 

Matthew Razak
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