Ryan Reynolds officially set for Deadpool movie


The more we hear of Fox’s upcoming Deadpool film, the more I can’t believe it’s really happening. Of course nothing’s set in stone until it’s actually in my eyeballs, but I’m kind of throwing all of my eggs in the basket with this one. Although it’s been in development for years, this is the first time there’s been actual, public development like setting the release date and now, after years of hopeful speculation, Ryan Reynolds is set to play Deadpool again.

According to Deadline, Reynolds is closing a deal with Fox to portray the character once more with a bit more details coming out of the woodwork. Deadline confirms they’re using the same script that’s been floating around, the film will squeeze somewhere within Fox’s X-Men plan (with a rumored PG-13 rating), and production actually begins in March. Expect more details as they arrive, 

[via Deadline]