Saban Films picks up Travolta’s I Am Wrath for NA


If you’re an older actor right now then you basically have to be making an action movie/revenge movie where you kick a lot of people’s asses with your special skills of ass kicking. The latest to join the pack? John Travolta with the Chuck Russell (The Mask, The Scorpion King) directed I Am Wrath, which Saban Films picked up North American distribution rights to at Cannes.

The plot of the film has Travolta’s wife dying when some thugs attack her in a parking garage. Wracked with guilt he then proceeds to take justice into his own hands. 

I’m a pretty big fan of the whole trend for older actors to still be action stars, but Travolta doesn’t move me in any way. The Equalizer was bad ass, Arnold still has it and despite some missteps Liam Neeson is still rocking it, but Travolta actually feels old. We’ll have to see if he can pull this off. 

Matthew Razak
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