Sabrina the Teenage Witch to be live-action superhero


I don’t know if you guys noticed, but superhero origin stories have been slightly popular lately. With certain heroes getting multiple origin stories within ten years, it seems like it’s time to try something new. Well, new-ish. Maybe a comic book character that had two different animated series and a very successful live-action 90s series starring Melissa Joan Hart. Yeah, that’s new enough.

Sony Pictures is planning on reviving the story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, making a live-action, “edgy” tale about a teen girl discovering her superpowers. Her talking black cat, Salem, will still be present in the movie, and may be a potential love interest. That’s not creepy or anything. No actors are attached to the feature yet, and given the established popularity, Sony hopes to cast an unknown as Sabrina.

I’m calling it now: Melissa Joan Hart is going to have a cameo role as an experienced witch who will give Sabrina some advice and talk about how she’s been there before. Perhaps she’ll even wink at the camera.

[Via Deadline]