Sadako (The Ring) throws opening pitch at baseball game

伝説再び... 貞子がプロ野球始球式に登場! #Sadako 3D2 #movie

Sadako from The Ring (Ringu) series is one of the most iconic characters in J-horror. To promote the forthcoming release of Sadako 3D 2, Sadako threw the opening pitch at a Chunichi Dragons/Hanshin Tigers baseball game. Yes, that happened.

The Dissolve also notes that the Tokyo theme park Joypolis is also in on the Sadako-rama. People dressed as Sadako are hidden all over the park waiting to scare guests, and you can buy a hotdog covered in her hair. This is real and not a joke. People can also get freaked out by Sadako at the fast food chain Lotteria, where she will burst out of a monitor at you and serve you a milkshake covered in chocolate hair. This is also not a joke.

That Sadako food’s got nothing on Flixist’s own food and drink menu.

This sort of marketing doesn’t happen much in the US, though it should. Imagine Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre making an ice sculpture at a Dallas Stars game, for instance. I do recall one particular moment off the top of my head, however…

After the cut, check out a video of RoboCop at a World Championship Wrestling event.

[via The Dissolve, Anime News Network, Kotaku]

RoboCop and Sting at WCW Event

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